What’s up at Woodbine

Canada's Woodbine racetrack continues to host meets through to 17th December, with several marquee dates ahead.

On 8th October, the most anticipated race of the fall season at Woodbine takes place - the 84th Canadian International.

Bailey Armour, one of 1/ST CONTENT's stable of top presenters, is also going to be on the road this month across North America, from Woodbine to Santa Anita, bringing racing fans more background stories, colour commentary and educational insights from some of the top trainers, jockeys and racing folk.

As an eloquent case in point, check out this informative YT interview with revered race-announcer, Robert Geller, who chronicles his own journey in racing, the art of commentary and the differences between North American, Australian and UK racing from a cultural, surface and race-pace perspective. 

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