An Inside Look - Canberra's Back On Turf

With the Acton Season now done, racing at Thoroughbred Park returns to the course proper this week.

WIth the Acton  Season done and dusted for 2023, racing returns to the course proper at Thoroughbred Park which raises a very important question, how do we assess the Acton form going back onto the turf?


We're blessed to have the world's biggest and best database at Racing and Sports, which allows us to provide punters and race fans alike with information not always avilable.


Since the first meeting on the Acton track on the 23rd June, 151 horses have switched from the synthetic to the turf at their very next start, of which there were a tick over 34 winners expected by the market.

At their next start on turf, the market only expected 26 winners from the same set of horses.


It's not uncommon for bookies and punters to take a set against synthetic form. We see it in Victoria and now Queensland, as well as over in the UK on a regular basis.

But this is where the R&S database really comes to the fore.


Despite the market expecting less winners, the racing and sports rating across the 151 runners has an average change of just 1.

This means, you can be confident in backing horses that have run well on the Acton as they're likely to run right up to that figure when heading back to the turf course.


Looking back at the last time Canberra came off the Acton and back onto the turf, there was no clear advantage between having recently raced on the Acton. The track was fair and every horse got their chance.

Expect similar conditions on Friday, and if there's a horse you're keen to back coming off the Acton, the numbers say they'll run right up to their recent efforts.

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