What is a Pick 7 on Australian horse racing?

With a Pick 7 bet, you win if you correctly select the winners of seven consecutive horse races on the nominated Australian card. The races are typically the last 7 races on the card. E.G Races 3-9 on a nine race card.

What happens if the Pick 7 is not won?

There is a 100% nightly carryover when the Pick 7 is not won to the next day’s meeting as nominated by Sky Racing World. 

How can I play?

The Pick 7 the wager is only available to North American players wagering into the North American wagering pool via ADWs or in retail venues.

The minimum stake is 20¢ per combination which provides you with greater wagering flexibility.

So, if you aren't sure who to single in a particular race, you can narrow down the choices (and the cost of your ticket) by selecting several horses. Or you can go expensive and take ALL the horses in a single race. Just be careful to watch the cost of your ticket.

There will be a Pick 7 wager on Australian Racing available every night of the week on one (1) meeting as nominated by Sky Racing World so follow the carryover announcements closely.

Pick 7 Wager Rules

In case of meeting abandon, tickets will be paid on the current night’s pool to ALL correct tickets only if five legs have been completed and made official.*

If your horse is a Late Scratching you will get the post time favorite.**

*The Pick 7 pool shall be cancelled and all Pick 7 wagers for the individual performance refunded if at least 3 legs/races are declared no contest or cancelled. If the full sequence of the wager isn’t completed, but 2 legs/races or less are declared no contest or cancelled, any carryover amount will be placed into the next available Pick 7 pool and that day’s live money will be disseminated between winning tickets with the cancelled legs paying to ALL runners.

**In the event a Pick 7 ticket designates as a selection a horse which is scratched, excused, or determined by the stewards/judges to be a non-starter in any of the races comprising the Pick 7, the favorite, as evidenced by the amount wagered in the win pool at the time of the start of the race in which the scratch occurred, will be substituted for the non-starting selection. In the event that the money bet in the win pool for two or more favorites is identical, the selection with the lowest program number shall be substituted for the non-starting selection.



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