Man reveals driving during 'record' NZ run

A 64-year-old who looked to have set a record for running the length of New Zealand has revealed he was driven part of the way.

A 64-year-old man who appeared to have set a record for running the length of New Zealand has revealed he got driven part of the way.

Kiwi endurance athlete Perry Newburn last month traversed the 2100-kilometre span of the country for charity in 18 days and eight hours, in what looked to have narrowly broken a decades-old record.

But he now says he won't be claiming the record for "obvious reasons".

"There were parts of the run where road [and] bridge conditions were totally unsafe to run and therefore I made the call to be driven through these parts," Newburn posted on social media.

"These decisions were my decisions The traffic was the main culprit in these situations but there were some parts where road conditions were unsafe."

Newburn was upbeat, however, saying the run had always been about raising thousands of dollars for Autism charity Running on the Spectrum and getting up awareness.

"So hopefully this was successful."

His unorthodox running plan - including stops at McDonald's restaurants and a support crew at times consisting of a friend in a Toyota Corolla - drew attention during what was his second attempt at the record.

Dozens of athletes joined Newburn in parts while others offered beds, as he faced unseasonal snowstorms and hail along the way.

A former heroin addict who quit the drug in the 1990s, Newburn had previously run the length of the United States in 51 days.

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